Duke Divinity Interview with Rabbi Dr. Gottlieb

Rabbi Dr. Gottlieb was recently interviewed on technology and religious learning when lecturing at Duke.


Technology offers different capabilities — storytelling, problem solving, design thinking — to engage learners in religious teaching, says a rabbi and game designer.

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb’s career might look like a series of zigs and zags. But Gottlieb sees a coherent story, one that encompasses religion, technology, innovation and creativity.

His background includes training in modern, jazz, tap and ballet dancing; working for the Telluride Film Festival; earning a master’s degree at the USC film school; working as a software developer; teaching dance in the Negev desert in Israel; becoming ordained as a Reform rabbi and earning a Ph.D. at New York University.

It all comes together in his current work as the founder of ConverJent(link is external), which creates games for Jewish learning, and as an assistant professor of interactive games and media at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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