ConverJent Nominated!

ConverJent Nominated!

Most Innovative Nominees

These games best exemplify the use of creativity and technical experimentation in a manner that may pave new ways for games for change.

Developer: Epicycle / Platform: Mac, PC, iOS
An immersive 3D audio adventure set in a world you’ll never see. Inspired by one of the creator’s personal story of being temporarily blinded in a high-school chemistry accident. This Kickstarter success story reached 200% of its funding goal.

Developer: Team Nevermind / Platform: PC
A biofeedback-enhanced psychological horror video game that challenges players to go outside the comforts of reality. Nevermind was developed as a MFA thesis at the University of Southern California and with support from IndieGoGo crowd funding participants.

Jewish Time Jump – New York
Developer: ConverJent / Platform: iOS
In this geolocational augmented reality game, players travel back in time to the early 1900s in Greenwich Village to uncover a story in Jewish and American history lost to time. It was funded by The Covenant Foundation.