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Games for Change Awards’ innovation, impact and gameplay finalists announced

By Dave Tach on May 13, 2013 at 1:00p @dptach

Organizers of the Games for Change festival, an event dedicated to celebrating the “positive social impact of games,” announced today the finalists in categories that focus on impact, innovation and gameplay.

Developers submitted their games to a panel of judges that includes representatives from Kickstarter, MIT Game Lab, Mozilla, the United Nations Foundation, Zynga and many more. Finalists and categories for the awards to be presented June 18 include:

[Excerpt follows:]

Most Innovative


  • Blindside, Epicycle’s “immersive 3D audio adventure” that was “Inspired by one of the creator’s personal story of being temporarily blinded in a high-school chemistry accident.”
  • Jewish Time Jump, ConverJent’s “geolocational augmented reality game” were players “travel back in time to the early 1900s in Greenwich Village to uncover a story in Jewish and American history lost to time.”
  • Nevermind, Team Nevermind’s “biofeedback-enhanced psychological horror video game that challenges players to go outside the comforts of reality.”